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Proofile is a simple and easy way to connect your online identities with each other making it possible to link and manage your web accounts. All the data may be made available to visitors in a human and/or machine-readable format, using the latest standards in social networking technology. Your privacy is very important to us, therefore all the profile fields and connections can be set to various visibility settings.

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The development of Proofile was motivated by the lack of ways to connect your identities, and therefore to connect all Social Networks together. Proofile provides a way to fill that gap, which helps automating tasks like adding and finding your friends on other services.

One Single Profile

Are you fed up with entering your birth date, your interests and your pet's names all over again, everytime when joining yet another web site? So are we! The data you enter into proofile is readily available to other web services, if you choose to export it, that is. Our Profile Importer can automatically import data from your other hcard enabled profiles, it is freely available on Origo. Your favorite web service doesn't have a profile importer? Spread the word and let them know about the possibilities, so you can import your Proofile data into that profile.


All you need to sign up for a free account is a username/password combination or your OpenID URL. This means that you don't have to remember yet another password, and share it with a (potentially untrustworthy) web site. No email address is required when registering to proofile, however it is recommended to add and verify at least one email address, so you can recover your password again - if you even have one :)

Your email addresses and OpenID's are also a way to authenticate this profile page as being yours, since both email address and OpenID are verified before actually being able to be used.

Find out more about OpenID, or get your very own OpenID at one of the many free providers.

What Proofile is Not

Proofile is not a social network, it's all about managing online identities and about creating an open social graph. These connections will help you organize your social networks and establish a central presentation platform and distributable online profile. This unique web service is still in its infancy, we started developing in May 2008 and are growing fast, so expect more to come soon!

Please refer to the technology section in the FAQ for more detailed information about what Proofile actually does.

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